Teacher Training

The development and continuous training of our teachers is essential for keeping our educational project up-to-date. 
For this reason, we have organized meetings and working groups, conferences, seminars, etc.,
which have been attended by teachers from Institució. 

Summer training

Each year, Institució schools participates in the "Summer school" organized by the Institució Familiar d'Educació, that offers various courses between 15 and 30 hours long - spread over several days - on aspects that we consider key to reinforcing teacher training.

The 11th Summer Training Conference held in 2016 —organized at the Faculty of Education of the International University of Catalonia—, was attended by around 500 people, including various experts in the field of education. The conference provided a good opportunity for an in-depth look at aspects related to our educational project, teaching methodologies and innovative teaching techniques.

Training sessions at IESE

The teacher training sessions held at IESE since 1995 give us an opportunity for reflection and a chance to swap experiences and work together, allowing us to learn from leading figures from the field of education and the worlds of business and culture. The spirit of these sessions and the experience shared during the lessons have marked our organizational culture, strengthening it and reminding us, year after year, of the importance of ongoing training.

The last conference, held in February, was attended by more than 500 professionals, including Neus Sanmartí, an expert in evaluation, who explained how the issue of evaluation should be approached if we are to achieve a real change in our education system.