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Annual Memory

Annually, Institució publishes its annual report, 
which includes the most important activities carried out by Institució during the year, as well as some of the results obtained.

Memoria 2019

Memoria 2019

This report seeks to go beyond a simple enumeration of data and events to deepen the projects.

Excerpt from the editorial of Joan Gallostra, President of the Institució:

Throughout this 2019-20 school year, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Institution and, by extension, that of all schools. The circumstances we have had to live in have meant that we have not been able to celebrate it as we wanted but, fortunately, more than 2,000 people were able to participate in the most important event: the day of Thanksgiving at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of God of Montserrat. And there is no better way to thank the fifty years of history of an entity like ours than by offering them to the Virgin. 

This has also been the last course of the Aude! 16-20. Now it is time to consider the next one, but when we look at the dynamism and rigor of the new pedagogical projects, the quality of our teachers, the involvement of families and the academic results of our students, we have no doubt that the balance has been excellent. · Slow. Throughout this report we make a brief summary of its axes and how we have come to concretize them, illustrating with multiple data the quality of the educational project we offer.