Annual Memory

Annually, Institució publishes its annual report, 
which includes the most important activities carried out by Institució during the year, as well as some of the results obtained.

Memoria 2018

This report seeks to go beyond a simple enumeration of data and events to deepen the projects.

Excerpt from the editorial of Joan Gallostra, President of the Institució:

A proposal, based on Christian humanism and personalized support to each student and each family, responding in an innovative, structured and committed to the great challenges facing society today. To confirm this I encourage you to review the most significant data of this report, which I hope you like. 

We embark on 2019 with optimism and enthusiasm. We are a few months away from the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Institució, next October 2, fifty years will be completed since the last stone of La Farga was placed in 1969. A few years have passed and I believe that our educational proposal is more alive than ever. 

I would like to finish these lines by sincerely thanking the commitment and the well done work of all the people who are part of the Institució. Without the involvement and effort of each one of them none of the figures we explain below would be possible and, therefore, we should thank them for their invaluable contribution.