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Work with us

Our teachers are key to our educational project 
because, in addition to their professionalism and involvement, they are true models and transmitters of values. 

The way we are

The way we are

Our teaching style is characterized by on-going training, team work, incorporating new teaching methodologies and taking an active part in advances in education. Our teachers play a key role in our educational project because, in addition to displaying professionalism and dedication, they serve as role models for the students and pass on their values.

Our Values:

• Interest for each person and his or her development, through esteem, respect and caring.
• Personal integrity through independence, responsible use of freedom and a desire to continually improve.
• A job well done and carried out with initiative, effort, openness to others and a spirit of service based on sincerity, loyalty and humility.
• A climate of optimism, trust and cooperation.

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