What is the Educational Project AUDE | Institució Familiar d'Educació

Aude! It opens up a world of possibilities to take a step forward in the realization of our mission.

The new strategic teaching plan

We want to work with a desire to improve the world in which we live and with a deep commitment to helping each person develop freely and make it as far as possible on their path to happiness.

To fulfil this mission the family must be at the heart of our educational project. So, when we say that we are family schools, and that our project is effective thanks to the involvement of the parents, we say it with the conviction that parents are the real driving force behind their children's education. That is why the new strategic plan Aude! is a joint project between the families and the school and provides us with a new opportunity to work together.

This is the spirit that we have chosen to guide our educational approach with over the next five years.