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One to one attention
One to one attention

We deal individually with each person, just like in the family, because the family is the natural environment for learning.

The personal relationship that each student has with his/her advisor is essential and dynamic. The ultimate goal is to help each person take an active role in his/her own development. Advisors help to raise the student’s awareness of and sensitivity to the voice of conscience within him/her, thereby empowering him/her to make sound choices. 


In the student’s meetings with his/her advisor they talk about all aspects of the student’s life such as academics, after school activities, sports and hobbies, family dynamics and friendships.


Keeping in mind that parents are respected as the primary educators of their children, advisors work together with parents by sharing their insights and understanding of the student so as to achieve the common goal of helping him/her become the person she is meant to be.