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English Project. Hooray and All Day Class
English Project. Hooray and All Day Class

From birth up to 6 years is a sensitive period when language learning takes place. We take advantage of this period giving them a second language in a natural way.


Early language learning promotes children's abilities. We teach them through multysensory activities which involves looking, listening, touching andmoving.

The act of acquiring a second language at an early age provides a good learning foundation for the future.

Here in La Farga Children are in contact with English from the very beginning of their day. This immersion continues not only through the English lessons but through the playground, lunchtime, atelier, etc.

These everyday activities create an affective bond between the child and the teacher and we believe that for a child to their full potential it is important that they feel comfortable with their teacher.

Hooray is our project. The younger, the better!  MORE ABOUT HOORAY


In La Farga Infantil we offer an All Day English Class from LL2 to P5. It is a voluntary offer since not all parents share the same concerns and some prefer primary education in the official languages, understanding that the rest of the groups also have a high level of English and daily sessions in this language.  MORE ABOUT ALL DAY 

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  • English Project. Hooray and All Day Class
  • English Project. Hooray and All Day Class
  • English Project. Hooray and All Day Class